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Alongside the huge changes Tishma has brought to Bangla pop and rock music, TishmA is also famous as the girl who completely changed fashion in Bangladesh! When Tishma's debut album was released when she was a child artist in 2002, she was also introduced her very own, very different and unique fashions to Bangladesh. At the time. She was the only one of her kind, there was simply no one else in the entire Indian subconinent like her, and so, while most of her fans simply loved her styles, Tishma also sometimes had to face criticism for her unusual style as well on many occasions, as nobody had ever before seen any girl like Tishma and were not yet used to her style. Thus in the early years, Tishma often had to fight hard to establish her style,. But then times changed, and the fight was worth it. It turned out that, as time went by, almost everyone not only started to love and praise Tishma's daring and chic style, but thousands of girls all over the country wildly started to follow Tishma's style! And today, today, Tishma is celebrated as the ultimate fashion icon of the Bangladesh music industry. Tishma's unique trendsetting fashions and incredible style have proved to be so influential that today, virtually all of the Bangladeshi pop singers who came out after Tishma, follow her as their ultimate fashion icon! :)

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  • Video shoot for "Angel" by TishmA featuring Lena (Russia) TishmA recently wrote, tuned & composed a duet song for da lovely Russian pop singer Lena... da song iz called "Angel" (TishmA featuring Lena)... it is releasing worldwide AND da song is also included on Tishma'z new album "Xperiment" which is released on 31st December, 2011! TishmA & Lena also finished shooting da muzik vdo 4 da song, so watch out 4 it, coming soon!
  • TishmA - professional photos (2002-7) TishmA - Rock Rajkonna, Pop DivA & Fashion Icon! This is a collection of OLD random professional photoz (2002-7) ....the trendsetting teen's iconic styles changed Bangladeshi fashion and today TishmA's look is clearly followed by all the Bangla pop singers who came out after her!