TishmA'z Biography:

"I'm not a typical musician. If you don't understand my attitude, mentality, perceptions, statements, style or music, that's really not my problem because my work is definitely NOT meant for everyone." - TishmA

    • In a nutshell, TishmA, often called "Rock Rajkonna" (Princess of Rock), is famous as the revolutionary young artist who forever changed and revolutionised Bangla pop music, ever since her debut album "Tara" which was released in 2002 when she was just a child artist. Known among Bangladeshi music fans as the Rock Princess & Pop Diva of Bengal, Tishma is the daring and fiercely talented young teenage artist who singlehandedly forever changed the face of Bangle music with her debut as a child artist in 2002. Coming from a family of intense music lovers who also enjoy travelling around the world, Tishma was born into an atmosphere of music and varied cultures, listening to her parent's huge collection of music collected from all over the world, and so naturally Tishma's love of music was instilled before she even learned to speak. Playing piano by age 3, Tishma showed an exceptional gift for music from the very beginning and thus, it was natural that the gifted young child was trained in both Indian & European classical music from an extremely early age. Gifted with one of the most versatile voices in the world, young Tishma polished her natural talents & received a vast & varied musical education & "talim" from many since a very, very early age... Tishma received "talim" in Indian classical music from Ustad Shonjib De, Ustad Akhtar Sadmani & Shampa Reza, studied Tagore songs from Dr. Anupam Barua (Shantiniketan) & studied European Classical Music & Music Theory under the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music, London, as well as playing & keyboards from age of 3; she also wrote & composed her very first song at age 5. Though she had no intention to sing in public at first, it wasn't long before little Tishma was in high demand to sing all the solo and difficult high parts in the school choirs & singing groups, & was also grabbed as the keyboardist & vocalist for her school band. People were stunned by the young girl's talent, and a few years later, while just a child artist still in school, young Tishma launched her revolutionary debut album "Tara" in the year 2002. From that moment on, the Bangla music scene - especially for female artists - was never the same again. An artist like Tishma had never before been seen or heard in the entire Indian subcontinent, so no one had really expected what happened next. Comprising unique new vocals and entirely new genres of music, "Tara" was a very risky album from a commercial point of view. Thus, it was an unexpected surprise when the album "Tara" went to the very top of the charts on the very evening of its release, smashing all female artist sales records, and with her unique & versatile voice, daring brand new musical genres, stunning looks & rocking stage presence, Tishma was crowned the Princess of Bangla pop & rock overnight. Interestingly, fame never went to Tishma's head. Even nine years later, despite success after success, Tishma still remains the simple, sweet and innocent girl that she was at the beginning, and up to today people who meet her for the first time continue to be shocked by her kind, down-to-earth and humble attitude despite being the enormous star she is. Tishma revolutionised the Bangladeshi music scene in numerous ways. She introduced many new genres to Bangla music, created an entire new performance style, unique stage presence and dazzling stage persona which immediately won the hearts of thousands of fans. Her debut album Tara sold out on the very evening of its release and soared straight to the number one spot on the charts. Being the very first of her kind in South East Asia, however, of course meant that at first some people could not fully understand her, and thus Tishma had to fight and struggle very hard to establish her own style at first; whenever one is the first to introduce something new, it is obvious that there will he a struggle and a storm over their shoulders. However, Tishma did not stop at simply being a pioneer of rock and pop music and so much more for Bangla female artists; it did not take her long to reveal how easily & effortlessly she could sing the toughest classical, folk, Nazrul and Tagore songs; the stunning power and melody of her voice moved the hardest listeners to tears, and the critics were immediately silenced by her tremendous musical talent and incredible versatility. Tishma is the owner of a rare God-gifted voice which is able to perfectly sing any genre, be it rock, r&b, punk, folk, complex Indian classical numbers, opera, Tagore songs, even rap, flawlessly and effortlessly. She has already portrayed a vast number of styles and genres in all her eight chart-topping albums, and yet, she says she has done nothing yet. "I was a mere child during those first few albums," says Tishma. "I frankly don't yet think any of my albums have done justice to what I am truly capable of. I have had to collaborate with others, I was just a kid & often had to deal with being bossed around by older people who thought they knew better than me, & also had fight against the demands of record labels who were more interested in the fact that I have been such a commercially successful artist than in my creativity. I am a lot more mature now & don't listen to anyone except my own instincts. The record labels are trying hard to find a way to get to me but I am now strictly working at my own pace... There is a lot more to me and I hope to share many more facets of my art with my fans in my coming projects." Not only has the young star already released an amazing twelve number one hit solo albums and won numerous national and international awards, but her dazzling, energetic stage performances, unique signature fashion styles and endearing persona have led to the emergence of dozens of copycats in the country, which proves just how influential Tishma already has become while just a teenager! A pioneer in every way, Tishma is also the country's first and only female music composer. Tishma's ninth solo album "X-periment" was released internationally on 31st December, 2011. It was the first album of Bangladesh to be released for sale online starting a new era for digital music in Bangladesh, and another exceptional aspect about the album is that "Xperiment" is also the first solo album ever to be fully composed by a Bangladeshi female composer. In recent years Tishma has also become very busy with engineering studies in college, and though the high academic pressures did indeed make it difficult for the young star to devote as much time to her music, nonetheless, in between studying for exams, she also made time to compose even more successful solo albums. In 2013, Tishma released her self-composed album named "X.o.X.o. (Xperiment ReloadeD)". In 2013, Tishma released another chart-topping self-composed album "Hypnotized", and in 2015, she released her latest hit self-composed album, named "MesmerizeD". In between studies and live concert tours, Tishma's next projects include her self-composed album "Rockstar" and her musical documentary about herself, "Rock Princess - Xposed". Stay tuned!